Full Tracklist for new Irrelevant album announced

Monday March 20th 2023

Today we can fill you in on the full tracklist for the forthcoming new album from Irrelevant

It's only a few days until the release of the 4th studio album from Irrelevant. 'Porcelain Butterflies' will be released exclusively through our Bandcamp this Friday 24th March.

The album is completely beatless and comprises 12 tracks of alternative ambient electronica. You can also checkout 'Perspex Gazelle' from the album via Irrelevant's Soundcloud or the embed below:

Porcelain Butterflies tracklist:

1. Stone Tigers 02:46
2. Glass Vultures 05:36
3. Cedar Okapi 01:45
4. Plasticine Lemur 02:36
5. Straw Gecko 02:12
6. Porcelain Butterflies 05:40
7. Perspex Gazelle 03:36
8. Cork Pangolin 02:44
9. Crystalline Jackals 06:09
10. Granite Wasp 03:05
11. Plastic Horse 04:32
12. Steel Buffalo 01:49

Irrelevant · Perspex Gazelle


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