Interview: Twinkleplex

We are kicking of 2023 with a release from a new member of the Ablo family, Twinkleplex and we thought it only polite to catchup with the man himself and find out a little more about him.

AL: First off, the question that no one seems to like to answer…tell us a bit about yourself.

TP: An old man who loves musical sketches and never recorders them. I've been told by my mate that I'm a Deletist, making music at that time and in that place but I don't like to record or document this process. Never to be heard again apart from a 60 second vid on insta or something.. Once the scene is set, that's me done.

AL: Who would you say are your main influences?

TP: Apart from my dad and my friends, the drums, hardware synths and drum machines. Oh who? To be Honest my musical heroes fluctuate, I guess anyone who is making anything that uses sonics that satisfies my soul in some way.. at the moment it's artists such as Overmono, Tom VR, Nikki Nair et al. But I do have the classical staple of whom I aspire to. Aphex Twin, Burial, Squarepusher, Boards of Canada, Dj Shadow, My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai and many more.

Tom VR

AL: Do you have a set way that you go about making a track?

TP: Hmm, tough one, not really but at the moment it's about setting up sketches on my hardware and then if I really like the idea I may actually record it into my comp and start the process from there. Or it may start from a sound that I'm messing about with in a DAW and taking it from there. I really love making drums sound how I would like drums to sound.. The drums are my go to for sonics, if I like my drum sound I can usually find interesting synth sounds to suit.

AL: Which part of production do you find the hardest?

TP: I am completely rubbish at arranging tunes, this is the longest process for me but sometimes my tunes arrange themselves, for this I am thankful but most of the time I have to battle for ages to get a decent arrangement. Long bruv.

AL: What's the story behind 'Never Going Out'?

TP: I think I wrote this tune during the latter part of lockdown and had just bought my DFAM, the hats on the DFAM wrote this tune for me.. Thats all I remember

AL: Which piece of your studio gear is currently top dog?

TP: Yet again I have to mention my DFAM, I think it's my go to for hats and odd rhythmic sounds. It's my one bit of gear that always gets recorded and provides me inspiration.

The Moog DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother)

AL: And what will your next hardware purchase be?

TP: I can't even..erm I've spent too much recently and have to learn the ones I have at the moment but... I think I need a new reverb pedal ;)

AL: What's up next for you?

TP: Currently working with three other artists/projects at the moment, Don Quöng, Sun Cutter, Artificially Yours. This includes, lots of gigs, drumming, knob-twiddling, producing, DJ'ing, Live acid etc. I am really trying hard to fit the time in to do a Twinkleplex live performance, whilst trying to learn a new bit of gear, the Octatrack. At the moment I seem to be writing a lot of boom bap Hip Hop, I want to be able to perform this but with a twist. Hmm I hope I can pull something outta the bag soon.

AL: 5 Albums/Releases we should know about

TP: Mate, this changes a lot but I said earlier that artists such as Overmono, TomVR, Nikki Nair, Actress, Rival Consoles, Koreless, Indian Wells, Tsurada, Leon Vynehall, Supertask, Fasme, Coco Bryce, Sault, Skee Mask, Cameo Blush, Paradox, CovertGarden, Nia Archives, Octa, Joy Orbison etc but the best release of last year for me was by Aleksandir, Momus/Sacro release. Oof

AL: 5 of your favourite pieces of album/release artwork

TP: Anything by Igloo Ghost..Hudson Mohawke, Clark and Sophie.. oh and Big up Ai for album artwork design ;)

Another of Twinkleplex' projects is with Sun Cutter (Pictured)

'Never Going Out' is released on February 10th 2023 and will be available from and all good streaming services.

Preview 'Glitch Burn' below on our YouTube

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