Lost Guide: Vapourwave

Vapourwave, the genre that takes internet nostalgia, Japanese naming, neon saturated artwork, greco/roman statues and all the best that 80s & 90s r&b has to offer and melts it into short sample heavy audio gems.

Below we introduce you to some of the scenes best artists/releases to help serve as an introduction to this crazy, chopped and screwed style of music that feels as at home in the clubs as it does kicking out of your vintage ghetto blaster on a hot summers evening.



Vektroid is just one of the monikers taken up by Romona Andra Xavier (check Macintosh Plus, Laserdisc Visions or Virtual Enterprises). She is one of, if not THE pioneer of the Vapourwave scene. Particular highlights from her discography are 2011's Floral Shoppe (as Macintosh Plus) and Vektroid Texture Maps

DMT Tapes FL


DMT Tapes are a digital label based in Port Richey, Florida. They are 'not for profit' so offer up their entire catalogue for free (which is huge). For newcomers to the genre, grabbing the lot would be a perfect introduction to the genre.

Fat Man Miami


Only one release from this artist exists at the moment, listed as being from Fiji (although possibly not) this debut record is already an ABLO favourite.

Moisturising Cream


Continuing the theme of unusual names and artwork is Moisturising Cream.

Home - Odyssey



(Unbearable love / hidden Feelings)


Bonus - Simpsonswave...

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