Lost Interview: Kieran Page

We caught up with Illustrator Kieran Page to find out what makes him tick, his creative process and of course, what role music plays in his work.

AL: Hey Kieran, introduce yourself for those that may not know you.

Hello, well I’m 23, live and work in Ipswich. I’m a full time graphic designer, and every other hour I’ll be found doodling.

AL: What initially got you into art/illustration?

That’s a very good question, I’ve been scribbling for as long as I can remember. I guess it comes from my mum, seeing her drawing all sorts of animals and getting creative with birthday cakes. I’ve been really lucky in that my parents always encouraged me to do what I enjoy.

AL: It’s fair to say that your work is pretty out there, what’s your creative process when it comes to starting a new piece?

Firstly, stick on a Spotify playlist that reflects the mood, this is a the catalyst.

Once I know the vibe, I think about process, it’s a bit like pick n mix. I’ll browse pinterest, picture books, zines, searching through just seeing what makes me tick. I can pretend I know what i’m doing but truth be told it’s quite a free process, the order of these steps changes as my mind wanders.

AL: How easy do you find inspiration? Are you constantly being inspired or do you find that you have fluctuating periods?

For me, it’s really unpredictable, that’s why I document everything in sketchbooks.

Inspiration is all around, but you have to look for it. If it hits you in the face then sweet, but when do you ever find a tenner on the floor? I have to be proactive to avoid stagnation; go exhibitions, explore new cities, walk a different way home, push my comfort zone, speak to interesting people.

AL: What can you tell us about your collective RAGS?

Rags is the combined forces of myself, Benny Brown and George Yarnton. Like minded, Ipswich based, illustrators trying to share what we do best and get ourselves out there. We couldn’t have predicted how well our styles would compliment each other, it’s definitely something to look out for!

2017 was the starter year, getting to know how we work, what we need to put time into. So far we’ve done a few markets, we did some live drawing a creative event called Powwow at Old Jet, Bentwaters. We’ve currently got an exhibition up in The Firestation Cafe, Woodbridge, till Jan.

2018 is the one to watch.

AL: You’re based in Ipswich in Suffolk, how is the art scene there?

If I’m completely honest, in Ipswich it feels pretty low key, but Rags are trying to change that.

Suffolk as a whole, there’s loads going on, you’ve just got to look for it. Powwow is a perfect example of that, bringing together loads of great creatives, but you’ve got to drive out to middle of nowhere through an airfield… in the dark. Totally worth it!! One insane location.

AL: And do you think the local scene helped to shape where you are at today?

100%, growing up seeing the likes of Joel Millerchip plastering the town with dope murals massively inspired me to create a recognisable style, to be proactive and get myself out there.

AL: So obviously we want to know, what role does music play in your life and work?

Much like my art, the music I listen to reflects my head space. Helps me escape, focus, sleep, connect, I couldn’t create work without it. It’s like the defining factor that connects the dots. I can’t really explain it but i’ve got loads of drawings about it.

AL: Any artists that are currently doing it for you that we should know about?

I bounce around genres and vibes, so I’ll pick one from my top 3 playlists.

Palace. Their album So Long Forever is gold.

Loyle Carner. Just a real talking mad lyricist.

JahYu - To the end of the earth and sea. This song transports me to another world.

AL: What three items could you not deal with losing?

My sketchbook.

My pencil case wrap. This holds the creme de la creme of pens, everything from Rotring Rapidographs to that Molotow marker that’s running out and gives mad texture.

My Inca cross necklace. I’m a creature of habit and wear it every day.

AL: Are you a dog or a cat person

Cats. All the way.

Shout out to my girl Tina.

AL: Who is your hero

Oh man, that’s a really hard question. I’ve taken inspiration from so many people. To single it out to one overriding influence…

Sir David Attenborough. The man is a hero, he’s built his career on his passion and opened so many people’s eyes to the changing world around them.

AL: Where can we get our hands on your work?


My Depop @kieran_page

Or drop me an email for any enquiries - kpageillustration@outlook.com

AL: Anything you want plug, nows the time…

I’m most active on Instagram (@kpageillustration) so keep up to date on there and watch this space.

There’s loads in the pipeline:

  • My Website!
  • A comic about a sunfish
  • The Peak Sheet collaborative zine
  • Murals
  • Exhibitions
  • Markets
  • And constant mind vomit.

You can check out Kieran work on the links below:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kpageillustration

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kpageillustration/

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