Playlost March 2023

Wednesday March 08th 2023

Welcome back to another Playlost selection, handpicked by Irrelevant from the large amount of music we've been listening to this past month.

Stavroz Stavroz

Stavroz - In Mindibu (Rival Consoles Remix)

Belgian electronic act Stavroz have employed Ryan West a.k.a Rival Consoles to remix their 2022 track In Mindibu.

The result is, unsuprisingly, stellar! Rival Console's brings his signature style to the party and produces a beautiful take on the original.

Find out more about Stavroz here:

Find out more about Rival Consoles here:

Dawn wall Dawn Wall ©

Dawn Wall - Movies

We'd love to give you some information on Dawn Wall but, there is very little!

The mysterious producer has been producing some stunning soulful drum'n'bass for a few years now and is behind the label but other than that, we've drawn a blank.

Regardless - Movies is another superb piece of soulful liquid d'n'b that we think you'll love. 

Symphocat SymphoCat

SymphoCat x Kiselëk- Pray For Us

Russian Ambient composer SymphoCat teams up with fellow countryman Kiselëk to create Pray For Us. A haunting piece of electronica.

Check out SymphoCat on Bandcamp here:

Doc sleep Doc Sleep

Doc Sleep - C&L at the Sea

US born Doc Sleep has released music on Dark Entries, Future Times, 100% Silk, Detour, AGIYNI, Silva Electronics and more.

This particular track is released courtesy of the Copenhagen based Tartelet imprint. Jazzy, syncopated percussion underpins some beautiful pad, string and bass work.

Find more of Doc Sleep's work over at their Bandcamp:

Loscil Loscil

Loscil & Lawrence English

Canada and Australia create a formidable alliance in the form of Vancouver's Loscil and Brisbane's Lawrence English. 

Their new collaborative EP Colours of Air comprises 8 tracks of ambient bliss and Yellow was our particular highlight.

Find out more about Loscil here:

And more about Lawrence English here:

Vondelpark Vondelpark

Vondelpark - It's Bound To Pay Off

London based trio Vondelpark returned from what was an almost 6 year hiatus with a new EP 1066 on Valentines day this year.

It's Bound To Pay Off features Easy Music (who we are struggling to find more info on!) and has their trademark vibe that always reminds me of Swayzak for some reason.

Vondelpark are on Bandcamp and you can find them here:

If anyone has any info on Easy Music - please let us know!

Ex aquis Ex Aquis

Sangam - Dissolve In The Shadow (Ex Aquis Song Of Songs Reshape)

You will be aware by now that we are huge fans of Sangam here at Ablo and with the sheer volume of work that he continues to produce, there is always something new and exciting to wrap our ears around.

In this instance French producer Ex Aquis takes 2020's Dissolve In The Shadow and turns it into a eerily dazzling and wonderfully chaotic piece of...future breaks? It's hard to pin down a genre for Sangam's work at the best of times but when another trailblazing artist comes along and puts their spin on one of his tracks, the task is made even more difficult. 

Whatever folder this sits under on your hard drive, we think you'll love it.

Grab your copy here:

Tourist Tourist

Tourist - Speak In Symphony

As well as being a Grammy winner as a songwriter for Sam Smith, William Phillips a.k.a Tourist is also a top notch music producer in his own right.

His album U is still one of my all time favourites and Speak In Symphony is taken from his latest LP, 2022's Inside Out.

It sits somewhere in the Bonobo/Four Tet/DJ Seinfeld area of electronic music, slightly housey, a bit garagey but all lovely.

Check out his website here:

Matthew herbert Matthew Herbert

Herbert Feat. Verushka - Fantasy

Theres not much to say about the legend that is Matthew Herbert that hasn't already been said.

This track Fantasy is taken from his 2021 album Musca, released on Accidental Records and features the delightful vocals of new-jazz singer, songwrite, DJ and producer Verushka.

Find out more about Herbert here:

And more about Verushka here:

Ronnie clyde The Last Retention

Ronnie & Clyde - The Last Retention (Thomas Ragsdale's Deep Space Mix)

London duo Ronnie & Clyde released The Last Retention back in 2021.

This remix is by fellow UK producer and synth player for band Pijn Thomas Ragsdale.

More about Ronniw & Clyde here:

And about Thomas Ragsdale here:

We hope you enjoy this months selection, be sure to check out our previous Playlosts and keep you eyes peeled for next month's. 


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