Playlost February 2023

Wednesday February 08th 2023

Our second instalment of our curated Spotify playlist features an eclectic selection of music from artists such as Lorn, Maro, Dark Sky and more

Lorn Lorn


Illinois native Lorn released his latest track ENTROPYYY on New Years Day 2023. 

In his trademark sharp-edged almost industrial style, ENTROPYYY beautiful, chugging, lumbering behemoth of distorted sound design interspersed with chopped vocals entwined with pad and string parts that are almost fighting to get to the foreground.

Achingly beautiful and unmistakably Lorn, ENTROPYYY is availble via his Bandcamp right now.

MARO Maro ©The Masquerade

MARO - Saudade, saudade

Portuguese singer Mariana Brito da Cruz Forjaz Secca, better known as MARO hit our radars when we saw her perform this track on Eurovision (don't judge).

A hauntingly beautiful, stripped back track tinged with inspiration of traditional Fado music, this one is right up our alley.

She has recently featured on a new track from ODESZA called 'Better Now' too.

Find out more about MARO here.

Ebtg Everthing But The Girl - Ben Watt & Tracey Thorne

Everything But The Girl - Nothing Left To Lose

Ben Watt & Tracey Thorn are the legendary duo 'Everything But The Girl'. 

Their classic track 'Missing' (remixed by the also legendary Todd Terry) is known the world over to music fans but Ben Watt also runs one of my favourite labels - Buzzin' Fly home to some of the best deep house music the UK has ever produced. 

Tracey Thorn has featured on or collaborated with artists such as Jon Grant, Massive Attack, Tiefschwarz and Adam F (if you haven't heard 'The Tree Knows Everything' from the album Colours I suggest you go and treat yourself right now!).

'Nothing Left To Lose' is out now on Buzzin' Fly.

Dawuna Dawuna

Dawuna - The Ape Prince

The Ape Prince is the opening track from Ugandan-American neo-R'n'B artist Dawuna's 2021 LP 'Glass Lit Dream'.

A beautiful soft and twisted vocal performance laid over low timbred percussion.

Grab more of his work over at his Bandcamp.

Afternoon bike ride Afternoon Bike Ride

Afternoon Bike Ride - Rise Again (Harris Cole & Somni Remix)

Afternoon Bike Ride are a Canadian trio hailing from Montreal.

Rise Again is the closing track from the self-titled 2021 LP.

This version sees Chicago native Harris Cole and LA based Somni on remix duties, turning the original into a soft 2-step roller.

Find out more about Afternoon Bike Ride here:

Check out Harris Cole here:

And more of Somni here:

Verdance Verdance

Verdance - Takuu

Verdance is a UK producer who has worked with Ablo favourite Marley Carroll and Takuu is taken from his 2022 LP Islands, released on Loci Records.

Takuu is a gentle 4/4 track, hovering somewhere between deep house and future bass music with tinges of Bonobo thrown in for good measure.

Find out more over at Verdance's Bandcamp:

Hatis noit Hatis Noit ©Erased Tapes

Hatis Noit - Inori

A stunning vocal performance from Japanese artist and Erased Tapes alum Hatis Noit.

Fans of experimental or world music will love this. 8 minutes of hypnotic calm, with operatic notes and crashing waves.

Inori, (meaning 'Prayer' in her native Japanese) is one of those musical movement that gathers you up and allows you to drift away for its duration.

Head over to Erased Tapes to find out more about Hatis.

John hayes John Hayes

John Hayes - Fond

Multi-instrumentalist and composer John Hayes hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota in the USA.

His childhoood saw him exposed to the likes of Chopin and Beethoven (thanks to his parents' love for classical music).

His love for live performance was solidified when he was taken to see the local orchestra perform, and the rest is history. 

Fond is taken from his 2022 long player 'Beautifully Lost Mind'. It reminds me of one of my favourite tracks - Pitter Patter by Redinho and also (for some reason) old Border Community tracks.

You can find out more about John over at his Bandcamp here:

Pearson sound Pearson Sound

Pearson Sound - Raindrops, Pt II

A classic from back in 2014. A delicate slice of electronica from Pearson Sound a.k.a David Kennedy.

If you aren't aware of Pearson Sound, he is one of the minds behind the legendary label Hessel Audio and a stalwart of the 'bass music' scene.

Find out more over at the Hessel Audio website.

Floating points Floating Points

Floating Points - Anasickmodular

When you talk about Floating Points, it's hard to draw parallels. His originality and envelope pushing are evident in every release he puts out.

Anasickmodular is no exception, taken from his 2019 LP Crush its a rushing, chugging, skipping beautiful thing.

Find out more about Floating Points via his website here: 

Youandewan Youandewan

Youandewan - Be Good To Me Poly

Ewan Smith a.k.a Youandewan first hit my radar with his track Zeal.

Be Good To Me Poly is a departure in style to that entirely - where Zeal was a real 'banger' this is more gentle, more organic and more serene.

Evoking some shades of post rock but without the soaring guitar elements, it's a real 5 minute treat.

Check out Ewan's bandcamp for more:

Darksky Dark Sky

Dark Sky - Angels

Dark Sky is Matt Benyayer, a London based producer, live act and DJ.

He has been making and releasing music since 2011, releasing on labels such as Monkeytown Records, 50 Weapons, Mister Saturday Night and Tectonic.

Angels is a stunning shimmering track this is as much soundtrack as it is electronica.

Find out more about Dark Sky over on his website here:

Romeo poirier Romeo Poirier

Romeo Poirier - Anna

Belgian based producer Romeo Poirier release his LP 'Living Room' on label Faitiche last year.

A complex, intelligent and enjoyable journey through modern electronica. Anna is my personal favourite pick.

Find out more about Romeo over on his Bandcamp here:

Astrid sonne Astrid Sonne © Fryd Frydendahl

Astrid Sonne - Moderato

Astrid Sonne is a Danish composer and Viola player based in Copenhagen.

Moderato is taken from 2021's Outside of You Lifetime that was released on Escho Records.

Combing a mixture of evolving pads and drones with subtle bass tones across its almost 4 minute length, Moderato expertly exudes a warmth that makes it a perfect addition to any headphone wearers playlist.

Find out more about Astrid Sonne over at her Bandcamp here:

Thom brennan Thom Brennan

Thom Brennan - Cathederals, Pt. 7

Releasing music for over 35 years, Seattle native and ambient music producer Thom Brennan has more than perfected his craft.

Cathederals is his latest release from January this year and is a stunning collection of pieces of electronica.

Part 7 is our personal favourite.

Find out more about Thom at his Bandcamp here:

Tinlicker Tinlicker ©Anjunadeep

Tinlicker - Under The Stars (Malibu Remix)

Utrecht's Tinlicker is Dutch duo Micha Heyboer and Jordi van Achthoven.

This track is taken from the remix album of their 2022 LP In Another Lifetime and was released on Above & Beyond's Anjunadeep imprint.

French producer Malibu takes the original and sizzles its component parts down from a 4/4 monster to a dreamy, ambient delight.

Check out Tinlicker on Bandcamp:

Find out more about Malibu:

Bjork Björk

Björk - Ovule (Sega Bodega Remix) Feat. Shygirl

Björk is one of those artists who effortlessly makes me 'feel' every note and lyric of her music, as I am sure she does for thousands more of her fans.

This remix of Ovule takes her already stunning vocals and lyrics and introduces Shygirl into the mix. Shygirl's fellow Nuxxe Collective member Sega Bodega delivers this superb remix.

Find out more about Björk (as if you didn't already know) here:

Check out Nuxxe Collective here:

Zola jesus Zola Jesus

Zola Jesus - Lost

Lost is taken from American singer-songwriter-producer Nika Roza Danilova a.k.a Zola Jesus' 2022 album ARKHON.

A powerful and punchy vocal performance over rasps and gasps, building to an almost choral zenith flanked with rattling percussion and a dare we say 'funky' bass component, Lost was our only choice to see out the February edition of Playlost.

Find out more about Zola Jesus here:

You can find the Playlost playlist at this link:

Or listen via the embed below:


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