Introducing Playlost

Wednesday January 11th 2023

We listen to a lot of music here at Ablo HQ, like, A LOT! And we realised that we never really share our day to day findings...well that is going to change!

Starting right now, we will be putting together a playlist every month with a selection of our favourite tracks.

Our taste is pretty eclectic so who knows what may end up on there, classic house, modern classical, bossa nova even TV soundtracks - the sky is the limit.

But in addition to just giving you a link to the playlist, we'll also be putting together some info around the artists and releases that are featured, making it easier for you to find out more, should something tickle your fancy.

Check out this months Playlost below...


Metal feathers Metal Feathers cover artwork

Sangam & Kid Simpl - Metal Feathers

Ablo fans will know that we are huge lovers of Sangam, Metal Feathers is taken from his and Kid Simpl's project for the Display Series, will see them release a track via the Bandcamp subscription every other month.

Released back in October 2022 Metal Feathers has their signature pensive and patient sound, beautifully packaged into a 10 minute mini journey that builds finale carpeted with dusty eroded percussion and distant vocal samples that get the goosebumps going.

Metal Feathers is available from Display Series on Bandcamp here:

Check out Sangam here:

Check out Kid Simpl here:

Tutara peak Cover artwork of Colour & Pattern by Tutara Peak

Tutara Peak - Colour & Pattern

Colour & Pattern by Tutara Peak aka UK producer Harvey Carter was released back in July 2022 and brings those perfect summery uplifting vibes for the darker January days.

Harvey has a growing discography on his bandcamp and we are excited to see what he's got coming next!

Check out Tutara Peak over on Bandcamp here:

Presence artwork Artwork for Presence/Heal You by Irrelevant

Irrelevant - Presence

Yeah, yeah, we're self promoting, but why wouldn't we!?

Irrelevant returned in December with the belated official follow-up to 'Low Sun/Touches' from 2019.

'Presence/Heal You' is the second in his 'Shapes' series (this one is unofficially Triangle, Low Sun/Touches was Circle FYI) and is more focussed on uptempo tracks that (could) work on the dancefloor.

You can grab your copy from

You can find Irrelevant on Bandcamp here:

Bd28409a 39c1 4f77 80cf 5845ea49f606 Strive To Live vinyl artwork

Pete Moss - Strive To Live (16b Remix)

Back in 2005 the mighty Fabric released 'Fabric 20 - John Digweed' a classic mix CD by the Bedrock records boss, progressive house pioneer and all round legendary DJ.

The opening track was this one, a stunning beatless rework of Pete Moss' 2003 vocal house track 'Strive To Live' released on Alola Records. 

It has always been a firm favourite and is a very welcome addition to the first Playlost playlist.

Visit Bedrock Records here:

Visit Alola Records here:

Daydream of you Artwork for Daydream of You by Mr. Mitch

Mr Mitch - Daydream of You

Also known as DJ Cuddles, Mr Mitch is actually Miles Mitchell (see what he did there!) a noted producer of electronic music and DJ who has been ever present in the UK club scene for the past 10 years.

Under his Mr Mitch guise, Miles released Daydream of You back in 2020 (when the world felt like it was going to sh*t), the twisted vocal and emotive feel made it an instant hit here at Ablo HQ.

Go buy all his stuff here:

Overmono Artwork for Cash Romantic by Overmono ©XL Recordings 2022

Overmono - Gfortune

Overmono have been one of our favourite artists for a good while now, they seem to cross genres, BPMs, boundaries, states of consciousness, you name it, with ease. Getting kudos from some of our other fave artists, like Four Tet, also doesn't hurt too!

Gfortune is taken from 2022 'Cash Romantic' EP release on XL Recordings.

Everything they make is great so go and show them some love.

Find Overmono on Bandcamp:

A3453183219 10 Artwork for Do This Forever by Lxury ©Fools Gold Recordings

Lxury - Do This Forever

We first heard this track on an episode of Canadian comedy 'Letterkenny'. 

A pounding, energy filled bouncer that can't help but get you nodding your head.

'Do This Forever' is taken from the 'No Real Rush' EP that came out on Fools Gold Recordings back in April 2020.

You can find Lxury over on Bandcamp here:

A1177297279 10 Artwork for Piano by Greencyde x Distillat

Greencyde x Distillat - Piano

Ok, more nepotism but we don't care. 

2022's penultimate release on Absolute Loss came from two stalwarts of the Future Garage scene, Dark Heart Recordings boss Greencyde and London based Sam Hall aka Distillat.

Irrelevant also provided an alternate take to round out the release but the original is the one that we have been playing.

Visit the Ablo store to grab your copy here:

Check out Dark Heart Recordings here:

A3174390915 10 Artwork for The White Lotus S1 OST ©WRWTFWW

Cristobal Tapia De Veer - Aloha! (Main Title Theme)

This track is the theme song from season one of the superb black comedy series 'The White Lotus'.

We love it because of its haunting melody, inspired by Mayan and Polynesian music. 

You can catch The White Lotus on Sky Atlantic on demand.

You can grab the OST from the brilliantly name 'We Release Whatever The F*ck We Want' on bandcamp here:

A0924488326 10 Amnioverse artwork

Lapalux - Earth

Taken from 2019's 'Amnioverse' LP, 'Earth' is a heart wrenchingly beautiful cut of electronica that starts off soft and builds to a stunning crecendo.

Lapalux can do very little wrong in our eyes and pretty much everything the Essex native has released has worked its way into our favourites.

Grab 'Earth' here:

Kendrick Lamar Mr Morale And The Big Steppers Artwork for Mr Morale & The Big Steppers ©Interscope Records

Kendrick Lamar - Rich Spirit

There's not much to say about Kendrick Lamar that hasn't already been said, a visionary and pioneering wordsmith that is at the top of his game.

After seeing his live performance of 'Rich Spirit' on SNL with some truly original staging, we couldn't take it off repeat and the album 'Mr Morale & The Big Steppers' will go down as a classic, so don't be sleeping on it!

Grab your copy of 'Mr Morale & The Big Steppers' from Amazon: Buy it

A3761758917 10 Artwork for BARE I EP ©Fakemusic Recordings

Edyth - Herbal Blend

Kuwaiti producer Edyth delivered his EP 'BARE I' on French imprint Fakemusic back in 2015.

'Herbal Blend' came up as a recommended track on Spotify and we were immediately hooked.

Since the release of 'BARE I' he has released 3 more EPs on Fakemusic and we hope there is more on the way.

Check out Edyth via Fakemusic here:


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