Imeanto featured on latest Sound Vision Mix by Izlane

Wednesday April 26th 2023

New Mix From IzLane Features Ablo's Imeanto Amongst a Stellar Cast of Future Garage & Electronica Artists

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Moroccan Producer and DJ IzLane has curated her latest Sound Vision mix and amongst the plethora of superb artists she has featured two tracks from our very own Imeanto. 'Cherub' and 'Reality' from his recent 'Homely' EP are nestled amongst tracks from samuke, Thèmemoir & Duckem, Olduvai, Bass Ronin and more.

Full tracklist and Soundcloud embed is below:

IzLane · Sound Vision #82

00:00:00 Agnosticon - I Don't Need To Know
00:03:30 Eguana - Body Odour [Plexus Music]
00:06:50 Eguana - Still Hope [Cosmicleaf Records]
00:10:57 Kyak - in love
00:13:41 samuke - Storm [VMDM Records]
00:15:37 Eguana - Harsh Truth [Cosmicleaf Records]
00:18:01 Nokktune - Eclipse [VMDM Records]
00:20:02 Arnab888 - Morose
00:23:28 Space Thug - Ease
00:26:13 Keerda - Nassim
00:32:37 weeyvngy - ri-cheile
00:35:35 Joystyck - Ecto [Dark Heart Recordings]
00:38:20 Olduvai - Sapele [Dark Heart Recordings]
00:40:42 Thèmemoir & Duckem - Phemonoe [Dark Heart Recordings]
00:44:28 Kyak - the end of us.
00:48:10 Beolost - In Your Eyes [Dark Heart Recordings]
00:51:44 Imeanto - Cherub [Absolute Loss]
00:56:17 Joystyck - Period 8 [Dark Heart Recordings]
01:00:17 Onycs - Dreamcatcher
01:04:00 Olduvai - Its Going to Hurt [Dark Heart Recordings]
01:07:11 Eguana - Etheric Body [Cosmicleaf Records]
01:11:26 isolation.theory x mvrina - Anima [THE GAMES WE PLAY]
01:13:42 Rusez1 - Feel Me
01:16:20 Kyak - Promise
01:19:26 Eguana - City Noise [Plexus Music]
01:22:40 Imeanto - Reality [Absolute Loss]
01:26:26 enjii - Mulgrew Miller [Dark Heart Recordings]
01:29:19 Bass Ronin - Eleventh Heaven [DarkPlay Records]
01:32:44 Joystyck - Etymology [Dark Heart Recordings]
01:36:13 Buryed - Nocturnal [Dark Heart Recordings]
01:41:39 Seekid - The Music Will Still Be Here [Dark Heart Recordings]
01:45:54 Eguana - Night Drama [Cosmicleaf Records]
01:50:33 Eguana - Im Wasted (monologue: Eliam Weise aka Qeight) [Plexus Music]
01:54:59 Vaeros - Eternity [DarkPlay Records]


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