Lapalux - Ruinism


Fellow Essex boy Stuart Howard aka *Lapalux* returns with his stunning third album *Ruinism* following on from debut LP *Nostalchic* and 2015's sophomore release *Lustmore*. This time around the release is through the legendary Ninja Tune imprint (his previous LP's were released through Flying Lotus' *Brainfeeder* label).

The opening track /Reverence/ evokes the feeling of some futuristic orchestra warming up for the big performance, elements of Cinematic Orchestra style string arrangements and fluttering pizzicatos intertwine with synth lines and vocal effects to a goose-bump inducing crescendo.

Vocal operatics and clarinet initiate /Data Demon/before some oh so gorgeous 80s synth leads us up to unrelenting distorted bass madness.

*Petty Passion* draws the bass distortion, wonderfully abstract vocal structures and crunchy arpeggios together to create a downtempo glitch monster.

The highlight track for me is *Rotted Arp* featuring the spine tingling voiceover/vocals of techno trailblazer Louisahhh!

*Essex is Burning* could be the albums homage to Lapalux’s (and my) home county acid lines and more synths goodness ensue.

When *Flickering* begins it immediately reminded of Bjork’s track Storm from the soundtrack of arthouse movie ‘Drawing Restraint 9’. Hardly surprising then that it features the dreamy sound of Iceland’s JFDR (aka Jófríður Ákadóttir) on vocal duty.

Like the long players he has released before this, Ruinism is a masterful journey through Lapalux’s unique take on wide range electronic genres meld together perfectly for an album that for me is his best yet.

Ruinism is out now via Ninja Tune.