Bucky - South of the River


My love for Bucky's music spans at least the last 5 years. Having him curate what is still one of my favourite mixes, anytime ever, for my old Mixlr podcast introduced me perfectly to his ethereal and heavily emotional electronica.

His releases are like spotlights on everyday life in the UK capital, samples of the tube, the hustle and bustle of a barbers' shop and friends conversations melding with beautifully crafted piano pieces, almost feeling like memories that you can't quite pieces together before they dissipate and float back off into the ether from whence they came. 

With the release of his debut LP, South Of The River, Bucky is allowed to explore the style he has made his own over 15 tracks and skits, ranging from skipping 2-step to hip-hop, beautiful neo-classical piano pieces and voices sampled from the underground of the city he calls home. 

Tracks like Struggling Artist, Problems, Green and Ciggies Out the Window swell with so much emotion that they feel like they could burst at the seams and spill out before they drift back out on the South London breeze.

For me, South Of The River is one of those albums that will be on repeat for a while to come - I'm a sucker for melancholic, tear jerking, at times desperate music that makes you feel like there is no hope, before reassuring you that actually - everything will be ok, it's just hard and we are all trying to get through it in our own ways.